Those Were the Days

Every housewife enjoys a good swish!

Ah, yes, those were the days…when cleaning toilets was a job that made houswives sing and dance for joy! Um, when exactly were those days? According to the Ladies’ Home Journal (and Vanish) they were in 1958. This week I’ve been scanning in images from the May ’58 issue of LHJ. Some are beautiful, others are just, well…horrific. I love the fashion, but I can certainly live without the pressure of having to keep my Miss America smile on while I scrub poo (and the occasional frog) out of the toity. So ladies, let’s raise a glass and toast our moms, who all joined the workforce so we could at least get paid for doing the dirty work!

I’m still not sure why the gal in the picture is waving around a bunch of leaves (maybe pondering the toilet paper alternatives?) but she’s certainly admiring them. Possibly it’s just an accessory to match her floral skirt. Please note that she’s also wearing a crinoline under that swooping confection–again, just to scrub the bathroom. Usually, I wear a pair of gloves and my grungiest pajama pants.

Are the days of glamour long gone? Well, obviously, yes. Maybe if I tried wearing a full circle skirt and cute button-down with ballet flats while cleaning I’d at least feel more glamorous. It’s gotta be worth a shot…Who’s with me for some toilet-bowl-scrubbing-sing-alongs?

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