The In-Between Days

Turquoise and Sterling BroochWhat to do with those days in between Christmas and New Years….I’ve spent a few of them working at the shop, a few of them with family, and today on the couch just vegging. The days at the shop were particularly productive, as someone brought me a great find of some lovely older Victorian pieces. I’ll have pictures up later, but they really don’t do them justice.

For those of you who love Victorian styles, there are two pairs of shoes–classic lace-up granny boots, black, size huge, and a pair of oh-so-delicate cranberry satin slippers with a kitten heel, leather interior and soles, and red tying ribbon. There were several baby items, all of which need a good and thorough cleaning before they can make their presentation. Some of the more unusual pieces included a 1940’s era garden jumpsuit/jumper/romper-thing-for-which-we-don’t-have-words, a cotton printed slip with train, and a possibly homespun shirtwaist. If you can’t wait for pictures, feel free to come by the shop and ask about them.

As for the New Year itself: we’ll post some resolutions once we get around to making them. They’ll probably involve things like eating more chocolate, drinking more wine, and getting to the beach more often. Until then, enjoy the last days of 2012 and make them worth it!

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