Just Five More Days


That’s right, people, just five more days until Christmas. I’m woefully behind, as half my cards haven’t been sent, several presents have yet to be bought, and there is nary a Christmas cookie in sight.

For anyone else who’s a little behind, it’s time to get your behind in gear! We’re closed as usual on Sunday and Monday, which means no last-minute-Christmas-Eve shopping at our place. If you still need goodies, make sure you’re in by Saturday! If you can’t make up your mind (or your giftee can’t make up hers) we have gift certificates that fit all sizes. There’s no preset amount and they never expire or incur fees.

More items have been added to our website, so feel free to browse around and let me know how it’s working. Also, we’re trying to get 1,000 likes on our FB page by New Years’ and we aren’t even halfway there, so spread the word! Consider it your Christmas gift to us (although we also accept chocolate, and in my case, cheese).

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