Fourth Annual Clearance Sale!

Shhh! Don’t tell!Ipana AdWe’re having our Fourth Annual Clearance Sale on May 16-17-18! The entire store will be at least 20% off!

Jingle All the Way‘s uber-cute Christmas items, vintage photography equipment, and other ephemera will all be on sale.

Cobweb’s will have 25% off everything, including but not limited to, furniture, picture frames, linens, pottery,kitchen goods, and sewing items. Simplicity7684

Retro Rosie’s will start at 25% off and go up from there! Coats will be 40-50% off, sweaters 30-40% off. And of course, the much-drooled-over $5 Fill-a-Bag will be in effect as well! We hope to see you there!

Cashmere Coat with Mink Collar
Cashmere Coat with Mink Collar

3 thoughts on “Fourth Annual Clearance Sale!

  1. Was just there and will still be in florida for the sale how nice is that !

    • What exactly is a $5.00 bag sale and what can I get.
      I love your shop and love a bargain.

      • The $5 Fill-a-Bag is when we load up some bins with all the things that are damaged or that we just are tired of looking at, give you a bag, and you stuff everything in it you can!