Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Our thanks to everyone who came out to visit us at this year’s annual Atomic Holiday Bazaar. We loved meeting all the new people as well as vendors from across the city and state! We’re giving a special shout-out to our neighbor, Kitsch and Crossbones, who had some really fun and funky sci-fi geekery going on. Of course I came home with some TARDIS earrings. Go figure!

Our real-life neighbor Jess Sturtevant from Braden River Antiques was in the front room on Sunday; hope you managed to catch a peep at his skull collection. It’s worth the seeing (and touching, if you’re brave enough). Emily Owen from Virgin Vintage was there as well, snagging some new shopping peeps and making converts. Arts by Alexandria was a new find for us—artwork made from vintage pocket watches and typewriters.

Today is all about resting up! I’ve been hanging on the couch and watching nature programs in between naps. I know you’re jealous. Until the next post…

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