An Experiment in Blogging, with Some News

Consistency is not my thing, especially when being consistent means consistently navigating through, under, over, and around website design. My computer likes to lock me out of the Admin section of our dear website, meaning that I have to take an extremely convoluted route just to say hello. Sadly, my patience for technology-induced delirium is pretty short, which means I have avoided updating our site for quite some time now.

But we do have some news to share, and since it’s summer I have a little more downtime to fiddle with techie stuff. On to our news:

Nancy is retiring.


Yup, I’m sad about this too, and have tried repeatedly to talk her out of it. She has conceded to partial retirement, which means you’ll still be able to find her at St. Pete’s renowned Brocante market.

This also means we are restructuring our current location to possibly include new vendors. No decisions have been made yet, or indeed will be, for a couple of months. But I wanted to get the word out there so it won’t seem so much of a shock as we make whatever transitions we end up making. We expect changes to begin in October, as our snowbirds return to the state and we are able to communicate more directly with our main customer base.

We’ll keep everyone up to date and informed as we figure out what we’re doing. If you’re not following us on Facebook, you should be, because it gets updated the most often. You can find us at (If websites were as easy to update as FB, I’d use them both.) If you have curiosity that cannot be sated there, you can always drop us an e-mail at I try to check it at least once every six months. : D



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